Some of the most frequently asked question


We don't have all the answers but will try to help with some of these


If you want to recycle motor oil, cardboard, paper, plastic and computer monitors                    

Try  The St.Francois County Enviromental Center @  (573)-431-4768      

If you want to sell us a car or truck         **Click Here ** 


Aluminum foil and pie plates are not cost effective to recycle


Will we accept refrigerators and window A/C units ?

Yes we will buy these from you, however the freon must be evacuated and the sealed unit (compressor) must be removed and separate in you load of scrap


We do NOT accept tires

The cost to recycle a tire is usually more expensive than shredding them and putting them in the landfill,  Technology is being developed to more efficiently recycle them so this will change, hopefully sooner than later.


Many items can be recycled that are not today because of the tremendous expense of the process, but that is changing. Some items can cost 10 times the new purchase price to recycle it, so for now they end up going in the landfill.

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